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Welcome to the Systems of JS Therapy Group, LLC


Add Availability to Simple Practice

Let’s start with our EHR (electronic health records) system: Simple Practice. In order for the scheduler to know when you are available to see clients, you will need to set your availability in Simple Practice. This video will show you how.

Create Availability in Simple Practice

Add a Client to Simple Practice

This next video will show you how to add a client to Simple Practice.

Add a Client to Simple Practice

Schedule an Appointment in Simple Practice

The third video in the Simple Practice series will show you how to schedule an appointment.

Schedule an Appointment

Update Basic Client Information

During the intake, you will need to gather the basic demographic and payment information from the client and add it to Simple Practice. This video will show you how.

Update Client Information


Setting Up Your Voice Mail Box with Phone.com

Our practice uses Phone.com for incoming and outgoing business calls. Phone.com is a HIPAA compliant system. Therapists are able to make and receive phone calls. Text messaging is not available to therapists through Phone.com. I apologize ahead of time. The video does not have sound. However, you can follow along pretty easily.

You may use the following script when recording your greeting:

“Hello!  You have reached the voice mail box for (insert name), (Student) Therapist at JS Therapy Group, LLC. I am not able to take your call at the moment.  However, your call is very important. Please leave a short message and I will return your call as soon as possible. If this is a life threatening emergency, please hang up and dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.  I look forward to speaking with you.”

After you have watched the video, pause orientation and setup your greeting.

  1. Download the app “Phone.com”

  2. Your password is in your jstherapygroup.com email

  3. Set up your voice message

Set up phone extension and greeting


G Suite and the Team Drive

The group uses G Suite for email, document storage and sharing and much more. Next is a video that describes the Team Drive and the types of documents that are stored there. After watching the video, please take a moment to look around the Team Drive.

Google Drive

Using G Suite for Room Reservations

A couple of the rooms will be used on a consistent basis, that is each week at the same time by the same clinician. However, not all rooms will be used on a consistent basis. For example, the Play Room is not always used at the same time each week. Therefore, room reservations are important. Please watch the following video to learn how to make room reservations.

Room Reservations


Connect to printer