I treat a wide variety of presenting problems including depression, marital problems, anxiety, trauma, parent-child problems, post-traumatic stress and abuse. Even though I am a marriage and family therapist, I see individuals as well as couples and families. Please read below for my specialty areas.  

Eye Movement Desensitization and
Reprocessing (EMDR)

My favorite treatment approach for trauma is EMDR. EMDR has been shown in research studies to be effective in reducing symptoms from traumatic life experiences. I use eye movements, or other types of bilateral stimulation, to process traumatic memories and disturbing emotions. I start by targeting a disturbing memory. Then I ask the client to hold in mind different aspects of the memory as I begin to administer eye movements. As the processing occurs, the original disturbing memories and emotions are desensitized. EMDR can process traumatic events faster than traditional talk therapy. After the memory has been desensitized, I install a positive, more adaptive belief and clear any associated body sensations. If you have had a traumatic life experience, I would be happy to talk with you about how EMDR could help you.


Play Therapy


I feel play is important to children, adolescents and adults alike! Play Therapy is helpful for a variety of presenting problems including aggression, acting out behaviors, emotional struggles related to divorce, abuse and neglect, trauma, social skills, anger, depression, anxiety and more. Play Therapy is especially helpful for children who are not developmentally capable to communicate verbally or cognitively process traumas or worries. Garry Landreth states "toys are words and play is language for children" (2002). I use Play Therapy to help children process and work through problems using the normal communication and learning processes children currently have available. I would be happy to talk with you about how Play Therapy could help your child.

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